Dog Elevator on Vancouver Island

Welcome to our Dog Elevator Website.

Our injured German Shepherd dog (above and below) has had  both rear knees operated on.  This worked great for several years until at age 9 he fell down the stairs.  He now has a dog elevator off our 6 foot high front deck for him to access the yard in a 10 second ride.

Please visit again in Sept 2018 for complete details about our Dog Elevator.

Injured Dog gets Dog Elevator
Therapy after knee operations

Older dogs, injured dogs, blind dogs and stairs are a serious problem for owners of large breed dogs.  In addition to that dog owners who are older and /or injured just makes the situation worse.  In early 2017, I designed and built an affordable electric dog elevator that may allow you to keep your dog for years longer.  The design goes far beyond being a DIY or home built dog elevator. It’s construction is heavy duty with advanced electronics and safety features. I will have a website update in Sept 2018 with details, pictures, movies and pricing for my Dog Elevator kit.

The Elevator electric hoist is capable of lifting 400 pounds in the box which is large enough for a Great Dane.  Location sensors, door locks and a motorized door opener means the operator can stay up top and have full control the lowered elevator dog box which weighs 105 pounds empty.

The motorized lift can also be used for groceries, bicycles, your new LED Big Screen TV and any thing else that will fit.

The Dog Elevator purchaser must provide a gated opening at the top such as a deck opening and a level landing area from 4 to 19 feet below.  The dog elevator box is 45″ wide. 18″ deep and 42″ tall.

No.  Your dog should not be trained to operate a motorized lift.  Safety should always be your #1 priority.  For example before lowering the box you must check the landing area is free and clear.  No pets or children should be anywhere near the landing area. In addition your pets short ride up and down must be fully monitored with your hand next to the emergency Stop button.

The top of the box is 42″ high with a steel lift bar at the top middle of the lift box.  Train your dog to enjoy the ride.  Use treats.  However if you feel your dog is capable of somehow climbing to the top or worse exiting the top of the box, you will have to secure the top opening with plastic or metal mesh.  It’s up to you to ensure your dogs safe ride.  Again , safety should always be your #1 priority.

Like my 100 pound German Shepherd, if your larger dog can no longer use the stairs.  My Dog Elevator could be your solution.

Rick Hubka – Chemainus BC Canada