A Dog Elevator means stairs are not a problem

Please visit again after Sept 2017 for complete details about our Dog Elevator Kit.

Our injured German Shepherd dog (above and below) in therapy after having both rear legs operated on.  He now has a dog elevator to access the yard.

Injured Dog

Older dogs, injured dogs, blind dogs and stairs are a serious problem for owners of large breed dogs.  In addition to that dog owners who are older and /or injured just makes the sad situation worse.  In late 2016 I designed an affordable dog elevator that allows you to keep your dog years longer.  I will have a website update in Sept 2017 with details, pictures, movies and pricing for my Dog Elevator kit.

Like my 100 pound German Shepherd, if your larger dog can no longer use the stairs.  My Dog Elevator could be your solution.

Rick Hubka – Chemainus BC Canada